Koala iPad Wall Mount Koala iPad Wall Mount Screw In Version
Koala iPad & Tablet Wall Mount
Our Price: $14.99

The iProp is the perfect solution for using your tablet while lounging around the house.  While it works wonderfully on hard flat surfaces, where this stand truly shines is on the bed, the sofa, or any other uneven or soft surface.  The microbead base easily contours to the shape of the resting surface, while the high-grip silicone shelf securely supports your tablet. Our premier product, the Koala Mount, is a damage-free tablet wall mounting solution designed specifically for Apple iPads (all versions).  Compatible with slim cases and the Smart Cover, the Koala Mount requires no extra attachments to your device, providing the ultimate in convenience, aesthetics, and affordability. Now offering the Koala Mount in a screw-in version for a more permanent application in comparison to Command Strips.