Koala Tablet Wall Mount 2.0; Universal Tablet and Smartphone Wall Mount and Dock
Koala iPad and Tablet Wall Mount

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An upgrade to our best selling Koala Mount, this version adds a few tweaks that enhance the functionality of our original tablet mount. Perfect for mounting on virtually any vertical wall with almost any device. Here are a few of the key features:

Universal Design: As with the original Koala Mount, this version utilizes 2 brackets that are placed separately on the wall, allowing you to space them appropriately for your device, meaning they'll work with almost any device on the market as long as the device is not too thick.

2 Mounting Options: The Koala Mount 2.0 is designed to work with either 3M Command adhesive strips for a damage-free setup, or with screws and anchors for a more permanent setup. Each mount comes with both the adhesives strips and the screws/anchors so the choice is yours.

Accessible Ports: We specifically designed this version to have as much space open as possible on the sides and bottom of the brackets, so that it will leave as many ports open as possible on the widest variety of devices, without compromising it's primary functionality as a secure mount. Check out the image in the gallery that shows dimensions and compare that to the locations of your ports to see if our mount will work with your setup. Consider mounting a device upside down or in portrait mode to unblock ports. Note that the iPhone 6S mounted in portrait mode will still allow access to the audio jack - a major upgrade to the original Koala Mount.

Compatibility: This mount will fit any device and case combination up to 13 mm thick. It may fit some devices up to 16 mm thick if the device gets thinner at the edges. Each mount comes with 4 sets of silicone spacer pads that can be placed on the back wall of the mount. These spacer pads eliminate extra space behind your device creating a tighter slot for your device to slide into (less wiggle room).

Easy in and out: As with the original Koala Mount, getting your device in and out is super simple. Devices simply rest in the pocket, utilizing gravity to hold it in place (devices are not "gripped" in any way), so it only takes one hand to slide your device in or take it out.

Damage-free option: If mounted with the included Command strips, setup requires no tools and takes all of 2 minutes. When it comes time to remove the mount, you can simply use the pull tab to stretch off the Command strip and it will release cleanly from the wall, leaving no damage or residue. Command strips are rated to hold up to 5 lbs each, far more than most (if not all) tablets on the market today.

2 Cord Clip Options: Each bracket has 2 cord clips seamlessly integrated into the design, and each clip has a different function. The slot on the side is a perfect temporary clip where you can rest your cable during times when the mount is not in use, keeping it from falling to the ground. It's super easy to drop a cord into the clip or to remove it. The 2nd clip option is hidden underneath each bracket, which is meant to be a more permanent clip solution. This clip is a little more difficult to get in and out of, but once the cable is seated in the clip, you can leave it in for good. This clip can continue to be used even while charging your device, so there's no need to take your cord in and out of the clip.

Permanent option: It is possible to place a 2nd set of brackets on the top 2 corners of your device (using Command strips) to create a permanent mount. If you never want the device to be removed from the mount, this is a good option. When it does come time to remove the whole mount, however, you can do so without causing major damage to your walls by releasing the Command Strips. If you choose to use Command strips on both the top and bottom sets of brackets, the entire assembly can be put up and taken down damage free.

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