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Accidentally ripped the pull tab off your Command Strip?

No big deal! You can still get it off damage-free by following these simple steps:
  1. Blow on the bracket & adhesive for 20-30seconds with a hair dryer
  2. Use dental floss or fishing line to gently "cut" through the foam adhesive strip until it releases from the wall
  3. Now you can easily stretch or rub off any remaining adhesive or residue, and your mount will be ready to be setup again elsewhere!

Video demonstration:

Tip: We recommend testing out the blow dryer on an inconspicuous spot on your wall first (like in a closet) just to be sure that it doesn't effect your paint. Some paints may be more sensitive than others. If so, simply skip the hair dryer step, it will only make it a little bit tougher to cut through the strip, but you should still be fine!