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Perform this simple test to ensure your Koala Mount or Dockem will stick properly on your wall surface:

  1. Setup your brackets where you plan to use them.
  2. Hang a plastic grocery bag (or similar bag with handles) from the large hole in the side of the Koala Mount (loop it through as shown in the video) or simply hang it from the cord clip on the Dockem.
  3. Place a weight in the bag, such as a bottle of liquid. We used a 2 Liter bottle of soda, which is about 4.5 lbs (way more than any tablet!)
  4. Wait overnight to make sure it's holding strong!

In the video:

This video shows us testing both the Koala Mount and the Dockem with bottles of liquid weighing roughly 4.5 lbs. The test was performed on a basic drywall surface painted with a flat paint. We left these up for over a week and they still haven't budged as of posting this (of course, we've done much longer tests before, but just wanted you to have the facts regarding this specific test).

Problem Surfaces:

In our testing and from customer feedback, there are some surfaces that may not hold as well as others, which is why this test is so important. Unfortunately, it's impossible to describe every possible wall surface, so this is the simplest solution to ensure your tablet doesn't come crashing to the ground. Some surfaces worth testing before use are:
  • wallpaper
  • ceramics
  • painted walls
  • refrigerators
  • textured walls

If it fails:

While we are confident the Command strips will hold strong in 99.9% of scenarios, if your wall does not hold up to the test, we will accept returns and will even pay for the return shipping, so there's no risk to you.